Bunny Proofing

Whether your bunny will have free roam of the house or live in a specific room, bunnyproofing is essential to protect your bunny from harm as well as protecting your home from damage. It’s best to keep them confined to a large cage, pen or a very safe area when you’re not home and let them have supervised roaming.

Bunnies are very curious and love to explore, chew and dig. Giving them plenty of toys to chew helps to a degree, but there are many dangers within a home that can have tragic consequences. For example, electrical cords that are not blocked by furniture should all be covered with plastic tubing such as Critter Cord to prevent chewing and electrocution. Another example is fabric they might chew, such as draperies. Bunnies have died from ingesting fabric that their system cannot digest or pass through, so be very careful about hazards such as draperies, dust ruffles, etc.  It’s a good idea to bunnyproof beyond your bunny’s living area because there will be times when they manage to get to areas you never thought they would.  Prevention goes a long way in keeping your bunny out of harm’s way.

Click on this link to the House Rabbit Society’s FAQs on bunnyproofing

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