Before you bring home your bunny or bunnies, you’ll want to be well prepared with everything you need to properly house, feed and care for them.  We’ve created a list of basic items you’ll need. Since at least 3 hours of daily free run time outside their living area is needed, be sure to check our Bunnyproofing section.

!! It is important that you have a near by Veterinarian that service Exotic Animals.


  • X-pen, Large condo or Extra- large Crate/cage with solid surfaces (no wire floors)
  • Large Litter box (we recommend getting at least one spare so you can have one already prepped, making it quick to provide a fresh litter box for your bunny while you clean the other.)
  • Sturdy ceramic crocks for pellets and greens


  • Unlimited Hay (primarily timothy)
  • High-quality Timothy pellets (such as Oxbow or Sherwood Forest)
  • Fresh water
  • Fresh greens and veggies


  • Brush (such as Zoom Groom, Best Bunny Brush,Furminator and/or a grooming mitt)
  • Nail clippers
  • Styptic powder (such as Quik-Stop)


  • Water bottle and/or crock
  • Toys (chew & toss)
  • Absorbent, dust-free litter. We recommend Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding litter (never use cat litter, clay-based litter, cedar or pine scented wood shavings) Yesterday’s News unscented pelleted litter works well too. Newspaper (great for lining the litter box before topping with litter and hay)
  • White vinegar and a spray bottle
  • Whisk broom and dustpan
  • Hand vacuum
  • Books on rabbit care and behavior