Litter Box Training

Many people are surprised to find out that bunnies can be litter box trained. Most can be trained quite easily, especially after being spayed or neutered.  Be sure to use the right kind of litter for your bunny, we recommend Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding or Yesterday’s News. We used to recommend CareFresh but since they changed the formula there have been serious health issues and liver damage to bunnies, so we no longer recommend it. Never use clumping cat litters, scented pine or cedar wood shavings or anything with baking soda; all can be deadly to bunnies. Simply line the litter box with newspaper, cover with about an inch of litter and pile fresh hay on top  – guaranteed to lure your bunny in! Be sure to add fresh hay a couple times daily and clean the litter box frequently.

Click on this link below for FAQs from the House Rabbit Society on how to litter box train your bunny.